Introductory mountain bike lessons and coaching

This session is an all-round introduction to mountain biking. These courses are mainly designed to get you into all the right habits before you even have the chance to develop bad ones! 

What to expect

  • Fun
  • Learning at your pace
  • We will only look at skills and ride things that you are happy with
  • Answer all your questions
  • Boost to confidence

Techniques we can look at:

  • Bike set up
  • Reading the trail
  • Attack position
  • Effective and safe braking
  • Correct use of gears
  • Balance
  • Body movement
  • Single-track skills
  • Descending Skills
  • Obstacles

The beginners course can be booked as 1 to 1 tuition or if you know other people who would want to come, book them on at the time of booking your course. We only offer private tuition i.e. you know everyone who is taking part. We can take up to 6 people.

This course can be run at either Mabie or Kirroughtree, have a look at our maps page for their location. All of the skills above can be done at either centre so the choice is yours. Bikes and helmets aren’t included.

£80 for 3 hours + £20 for each extra person taking part. Up to 6 people .

£130 for 6 hours + £30 for each extra person taking part. Up to 6 people.

Any questions please get in touch

If you think this course looks too intense see our Taster Package.

Not hard enough? Go to our improver page.